Thursday, 11 December 2008

Electric shortage and happy suprises!

Hey people,
Today has been a roller coaster of a day but the greatest one I've had in a long time. I had a tutorial that made up my mind that my work is going some where and that my automatic drawing is a real gift as well as my imagination. So I'm off home to Hastings tomorrow with my mum I have a ton of stuff to carry and have to do my final essay over the holidays but I will be sketching too! I'll try to get on here as much as possible to update my work and thoughts. Btw just ate 3 Hazlenut swirls and some trifle I think the detox is gonna happen straight after New Years! Teehehe.. One happy fat Illustrator off to pack her bag and go on a mini adventure home :D

Sarah Fanelli's Work which I just love!!! :)
She seems to have the same sort of mind as me..... "Quirky".

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Stuart said...

have a great time Kirsty