Wednesday, 13 May 2009

The end is nigh!

The alternate universe of a pocket,
this is a scanned pic of James old Jean's pocket. I had picked the front of the pocket off and then played with different shades of the material through using clone stamp on Adobe Photoshop with some drop shadow effects. This is an idea not a finished idea, getting there though especially after a bout of Labyrinthitis which made me more or less unable to do the amount of work of could of done. Feeling a lot better today and hope to work some more on the landscape of these little pocket worlds.


Buzzle gum is made up of harden bubble gum discarded by the owner of the pocket. He eats these bits and pieces of hard or soft bubblegum or chewing gum and is generally a happy chappy. Not soo happy when other creatures get stuck to him or fluff gets caught in his bubblegum crevices.

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