Thursday, 12 January 2012


I love Tattoos! I enjoy the way they look on skin, how they tell a story about the person. I especially love it when a good friend of mine wants me to design her one!! Hurray! 


Sailor Jerry's tattoos are the classic of all tattoo design, I adore his use of swallows, pinup and skulls. Though personally I really love Victorian style tattoos as I designed my self a silhouette style of a little girl holding a butterfly and the rest are flying up my neck (symbolise maturity blossoming/ spreading my wings) . I am very much into expressing ourselves outwardly and creatively through dress and more permanent things like tattoos. I think tattoos are very personal and should mean something to someone, a lot of thought should go into such a precious symbol and if it wasn't for my health issues I would have way more tattoos! :D

                                                                             <3  }{ <3

Mexican style sugar skull artwork is so beautiful, I admire this kind of design and the history behind it is a great tale to tell.

Anyhoo this is my post today due to the fact I was trying to get more inspiration for a friends Tattoo design and I think it's given me inspiration now whoop! I will post soon promise!

                                     *A photo of me and my tattoo on my back. ^

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tricky customers said...

Love these! Great blog my dear and, as always, loving your work! xK