Saturday, 31 January 2009


The heat is on and I am now producing a book for my end of unit, here's hoping it will be good enough to impress. I have created a lot of images that some don't seem to have a lot of quality and some seem to. You can probably see little
Sara Fanelli in this picture to left hand side she has been a inspiration through my work and will carry on being some one I look up to.

Just finishing a few images today and tomorrow the book will be finished and i will have sorted my authorship unit at Man Met.

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Pigs in the Cave.. :P

So this week has be very productive, I have managed to screen print my "Tooth Bush" Creature. And Bake Bean man and a new drawing called Bloody hell. The Baked Bean man didn't come out like I envisioned, was too blockie and could not see the image properly. But very happy with the other two which I may screen print on to t-shirts and canvas bags. So anyone wants one let me know only making a small amount!

Over all My work has been really moving on and have be successful with idea's just want to work on the finish product. I have come up with an idea of how to present my work it will be shown in a form of a square book. It will become an quirky weird book, an insight into my mind and thoughts which makes me well who I am. If only my head had a latch that I could pluck out all these characters and they would come alive.

Next step A0 sized poster of some of my favorite characters. :) * I will post new images as soon as possible.*

Sunday, 11 January 2009

2009 Baby!

Eep okay so slacking over Christmas was not my greatest idea. I managed to do some illustration work but my mind was so un-conveniently taken over. Anyways I have purchased a rather large role of decent paper that was rather cheaply priced I was very happy about that! So today the plan is to do some work of which u can see the progress in the images below! These ideas come from day dreams, dreaming and combination of hysteria and interest in whats normal and whats not. :) I'm hoping to screen print some of this work but for now Pen and Paper is the way forward, maybe in the future collage,montage and assemblage. ( Me learning new stuff about what collage is and different forms* yes I know weird i have actually read a book about it! :P).

Also popped to London Friday gone and went to the Tate Modern with two of the funniest photography students I've ever met ( and may I say they weren't a big fan of the tate either). But i saw a few pieces I admired and few bits that turned my stomach or out raged me! God i just love the tate Modern hehe!